Taipei, Taiwan

Arrive: Taoyuan International Airport (40-50 mins away from Taipei Main Station)

  • You can buy an easy card (worth NT 300 – enough to take you around the city for 5 days atleast. If not you can always top up at the stations) at the Information Counter in the Arrival Area

Check-in: Cheers Loft No. 11號2樓, Section 2, Changsha St, Wanhua District, Taipei City, Taiwan 108

  • 5 days for Php 11,000
  • Super easy check-in and check-out process because of its express self service machine
  • Super tricky to find this place though because it is inside an old building but you can always ask the locals
  • Cool- Hipster interior
  • I would suggest you stay within this area because it is very near tourist spots (Ximen Night Market, Presidential Hall, The Red House, Chiang Kai Sek Memorial Hall, Taipei 101)
  • Taipei Main Station is also very near this area

Places to visit

  • The Red House – A space where they sell creative handmade crafts (super cute stuff in there)
  • Ximen Night Market- Food Stalls (must try: MILK TEA, Hot Star Fried Chicken) , Fashion Boutiques
  • Presidential Hall- Government Office (from the hotel you can just walk to Chiang Kai Sek Memorial Hall and you will pass by attractions like the Presidential Hall, Park Jeishou, Taiwan Oublic Library)
  • Chiang Kai Sek Memorial Hall
  • Taipei 101- Used to be the tallest building in the world, Luxurious Mall, Observation Tower

-After your visit to Chiang Kai Sek Memorial Hall you can take the train to Taipei 101 because it is nearby the area

I suggest you book a trip online if you wish to see Yehliu Geopark, Jiufen Old Street, & Shifen because it is about an 1 hour and a half drive from the city center and I don’t think you can access these places by train

You can book through this site:


  • Personal Driver/ Tour Guide-Super Kind! (Thanks James for making it easy for us to travel with a baby and for showing us Northern Taiwan!)
  • Baby Car Seat provided
  • Driver will pick you up and take you back to the hotel after the tour
  • You’ll get to see Yehliu Geopark, Jiufen Old Street, and Shifen in one day (these places are within each others reach so it would be nice to just them all in one day)
  • Yehliu Geopark- Rock Formations influenced by the waves of the sea
  • Jiufen Old Street- Tea houses, food stalls, souvenirs, super old street, very traditional taiwan
  • Shifen-send wishes through sky lanterns in the railway

I’m so lazy everything is in bullet form


Overall our trip to Taiwan was:

  • Very Convenient- Metro Stations were VERY VERY easy to access
  • Super Nice!- Taiwanese people are very nice and helpful!

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