Stay Golden Bangkok

I’ve been to Thailand twice in my life. For the first time, I went to Bangkok with my bestfriend Kat because she really wanted to visit the country and I was convinced by the whole idea of it (Hah!). We had only graduated from college so we decided to travel light and go on a short trip to Bangkok. On the first day we visited Bangkok Art and Culture Center because we are really into the field of “art”. The following day we visited a couple of temples such as Wat Phra Kaew also known as The Grand Palace, the temple of the reclining buddha Wat Pho, and across the Chao Phraya river the Wat Arun. The temples were “AMAZING” given that the structures had such intricate details and how dedicated the Thai’s were in their efforts to build them. At night we visited the famous party-til-dawn-place “Khao San Road”. The place was wildly inhabited with foreign tourists (i hope you know what I mean by wildly inhabited.. lol!) There was also one night where we visited the Chatuchak Market were you can find endless stalls of clothes, shoes, bags, and stuff you don’t necessarily need but WANT!(hahaha) Anyway to sum it up (since this is just meant to be a photo blog) I love Thailand. I love the FOOOOOD!!!, and the people whose positive attitudes are incomparable especially mentioning our Thai friends Jiffi, Puey, Asra (Girls thank you so much for hosting us). So nuff talking here are the photos that I took during our trip. Enjoy!

By the way we stayed at Lub D Hostel in Siam. I would highly recommend this Hostel because it has such friendly environment and the place was very clean!!!

P.S. My second visit to Thailand was with Michał. Might write about it soon :*



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