Tokyo Midnight Photo Walk

We had an argument in Tokyo. What a bummer right? But still I want to thank my husband for letting me go out in the middle of the night for a photo walk. It was quite a breather.

I took a short stroll around Asakusa in Tokyo Japan. I felt very safe for the first time to go out with my camera and take photographs all by myself. I couldn’t imagine doing it here in the Philippines because i’m just terrified that someone will just snatch off my camera. Jeeez!

I got back to our hotel and felt relieved that my husband and I talked it out. I felt bad that I left him alone with our baby (who was crying most of the time while I was away for a stroll). Anyway, I’m just happy that atleast I had a little alone time (I mean you just have to when you become a mom). I wish our baby will grow healthier everyday and I wish that when he grows older we will be able to go for a midnight stroll together 🙂



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